​内山依津花 - Itsuka Uchiyama





線は草木が枝を這わせるように永遠と伸び続け 点は水の波紋のように広がった

ある時 支持体を半透明から透明へ そして土や草木の色を用いて描くようになると

それは水に濡れ 風に吹かれて揺れだし この世界に溶け込んだ

絵画とその場の現象が 人の動きと声が


そこには美しい風景画 人物画 捉えどころのない抽象画さえ現れる

絵画はどこにいてもいいし 移動をし 変化する

人に出会い 人はそこで何かをするだろう

そこが これからの絵画の居場所である

Do we see a painting there?

Or, do we become a painting?

Translucent materials for my artworks have become clear.

Drawing an artwork, I become a part of it.

Lines never cease to extend as though plants and trees grow their branches, whereas dots continue rippling.

Materials become clear, falling onto a boundary and seeping through it.

Drawing and surrounded by nature, a painting is sprinkled, and swung by a breeze, and the boundary has disappeared.

Drawings become the surroundings:

movement of people; their voices; or anything perceivable there

at the instant when a beautiful scene, a portrait, and an evasive, abstract painting come up.

Paintings, wherever they are, move and change,

meeting people and doing something at a place

where the arts ourselves are destined to be.